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“Butler Consultants, LLC is a great company to get started with if you are putting together a custom business plan, need coaching and or a business strategy. The company wrote a great business plan for us; they finished it SOONER than they promised, and they were very easy and professional to work with. I highly recommend Brian and his team, Butler Consultants, LLC. Thanks Brian!”

Osmin Sariles Jr
Casa Mia Latin Cuisine – Texas

“Brian and Team are very professional. Quick and accessible to answer all my questions. The business plan was well received by the bank and SBA! Thank you Butler Consultants”

Bart McClung
NATIVE Coffee + Kitchen, LLC

“Brian Butler (The owner) and his team are top notch! I had a general idea on how I wanted my
business plan to look but they took it to the next level! If you are going to open up a business and
want to get a great Business Plan set up look no further! Well worth the money!”

Shawn Shepard
HELLUVA Brewing Company — Arizona

“I hired Butler Consultant, LLC. to create a business plan. The diagrams, charts and financial sheets allowed for more finances than I expected from the bank loan. They did a fantastic job. It was very well put together and included information that I had not thought about. In addition, they delivered within the time frame set which was quite amazing to me because the custom business plan was multifaceted. I would very much recommend this firm if you seek a professional outstanding plan for your business.”

Brenda M

“My interactions and communications with Butler Consultants LLC has been great. The turn-around time was very efficient. The quality of the end product is exceptional. I have secured the funding that I need. I admit that I was skeptical at first to use the team at Butler Consultants because the pricing was half of what I had been quoted by a few other consultants for the same task (Business Plan and Valuation). Again, I am very well pleased with the Butler team. I highly recommend them!”

Katie Hunt

“My husband and I hired Butler Consultants to create a Custom Business Plan for us. They were very knowledgeable and professional. They did a amazing job on the plans and graphs, we were completely satisfied with their service. They offer great prices and they are well worth it! We recommend Butler Consultants, to anyone looking for a professional team to to work with. Thank you Brian for helping us to start our small business!”

Reba M

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“I Have used Butler Consultants, LLC for 4 years and have acquired fantastic funding due to this company’s work. I have received the highest accolades regarding my business plans and any work that Butler Consultants LLC does for me from high end investor companies and groups of attorneys. I have even presented it to Kevin O”Leary of the series “Shark Tank” and he called me to tell me that he thought my business plan was fantastic. I am now acquiring a very large sum and dealing with terrific business people simply because I have such well written, I would say PERFECT business plan. All thanks to Butler Consultants, LLC. I Will never hire anyone else but this company.”

Rebecca S
North Carolina

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know I would be quick to recommend your firm to other colleges, were the opportunity arise. Your service was prompt, and our business plan was comprehensive and professionally developed.”

Mark Dobbins
President of Contractors Mechanical, Inc. –- Florida

“I have used Butler Consultants service twice in the past 2 years. Their plans are very well designed and thorough. They are quick to respond to emails and guide you through the process with ease. I was very satisfied with their work, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional business plan.”

Joseph Teti
Spartan Training Complex & Uwharrie Outfitters

“I had just walked out of the bank with their request for a complete business plan in ten business days utterly consuming my mind. I had the DIY software installed on my laptop, but my confidence in producing an effective business plan myself dwindled each time I launched the application. I turned to Google for help, which resulted in many hits. I narrowed the results down to three options according to price, process, and experience. The remaining three were the ones I contacted for more information via email. After reviewing the correspondence, I couldn’t make much difference between them, but I had generated a list of specific questions for each. So, I decided to call them individually with my questions. Butler Consultants was the second organization I spoke with and after speaking with Brian I forgot about the first organization I called and had no interest in making the third call. His knowledge and patience instilled comfort and confidence in me that he was the man for the job. They cranked out an amazing business plan that I proudly emailed to the bank within the allotted time.”

Ly John T. Fridie
Owner of Frog FX, LLC — Maryland

“Butler Consultants were very professional and did what they said they were going to do. We received a $4.5 million dollar SBA loan.”

Eliot Planells
St. Louis

“Things are going great with our Plan to open Studio Phyzz in Napa. We’ve got our location and our SBA loan was approved. I know things have moved forward so quickly because of our detailed and well-executed business plan. The bank was very impressed with how prepared we were, and the business plan has helped everyone view us in a more professional light. Hiring Butler Consultants has been one of our best business decisions to date.”

Melanie McLaren, Studio Phyzz

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“I really appreciate your job and your professionalism. Went through many online Business plan’s consulting and I selected you. I had no doubt for choosing you for my E2 visa. You are hard workers, high skills, fast and professional. Today I’m very happy to get my E2 visa and I will recommend everyone who wants invest in USA to come to you due to your honesty, your experience and your professionalism. I was very glad working with you and I wish you successful life. I’m launching my new project and I want thank you for all your collaboration and assistance. “

Mostafa Maher, Technology Firm

“My wife and I were in the process of starting a small wellness resort outside of the US. Ideas are great but if the numbers don’t work, no one is going to invest. So we started on our financials. After months of staring at blank excel sheets, fiddling with pre-made financial templates, and waiting for friends to find time to help. We started looking for a professional to help us. That’s when we found Brian at Butler Consultants. In about 3 emails Brain had all the information he needed to get started. Everything was done on time. I asked for a couple of tweaks to be made after the first set of financials came back and the updated financials were in my email the next day. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will be contacting Butler Consultants for all of my future business endeavors. Thank you just isn’t enough so one of our accommodations will be named “The Butler Suite”. “

Ricky Harris Jr., Wellness Resort

“Brian Butler and his whole staff changed not only my life, but the life of my family as well. With his expertise in business plans and financials I was able to receive a small business loan and start a successful restaurant with great marketing strategies. Thanks again to Mr. Butler and his entire staff, they helped change my life and I am forever grateful!”

Matthew Anderson, Restaurant

“I just wanted to thank you for your help with the business plan. I made very minor cosmetic changes to it and sent it out. Yesterday I received the final ok for the E-2 Visa.”

Dan Raz, Mystery Diamonds
New York

“Thank you for a job well done! When I was looking for a firm to develop and write my business plan, Brian Butler always stood out from his competitors. He was responsive, detailed and knowledgeable. If I requested changes they where done immediately. The business plan is your “foot in the door” to the capital markets. Brian and the business plan he put together was a huge part in my success in raising $10,000,000 dollars!”

Paul Flick

“I am writing to thank you for going above and beyond in crafting a very elegant, professional and detail- oriented business plan for our start-up Medical Facility. Your dedication and hard work, readiness to address every question asked, being easily accessible and your demonstrated expertise in knowing what investors and banks want in a business plan made all the difference! Thank you again.”

Okey Nwangburuka, MD, Medical Director.

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“My experience with Butler Consultants is that this financial modeler/consultant team with its leadership and organizational skills, implement, dedicate and donate countless hours of time to research and produce not just a business plan that fit my goals but a road map to my goals giving a step by step plan of action. Butler Consultants also helped me implement my Business Plan forecasts and preparations to enrich my future business and growth. In my opinion, Butler Consultants’ unwavering devotion to their clientele shows me the strong moral character of the company that I can trust and feel comfortable with that I highly recommend to others looking for a consultant to do a Business Plan. Based on my experience with Brian A. Butler, he is a trustworthy individual to get the job done. Mr. Butler is a man who is professional and swift in response time to all my inquiries and concerns, another plus in my book.”

Jennifer Luo

After contacting a few companies that make the claim we write Business Plans, Executive Summary’s ect, ect, ready for end use, I felt they where over priced and I had to do all the work, with Butler Consultants I felt they really have their finger on the pulse, I gave Brian my idea and after a few conversations the first draft was 95 % completed with only some minor changes, which where done quickly and promptly. I was also surprised the price was a little lower then fair market value and the plan turned out better then I expected.”

Bob Centeno, Petra for Men, LLC

“As a start-up company searching for a business loan, I knew the significance of what having a sound business plan would be. After I was referred to Brian and his staff, we spent just a few sessions together and he had a solid grasp understanding my needs. Butler Consultants provided a clear understanding of their services and there were no secrets as to any hidden costs. They delivered on time, within the agreed upon costs and the end result was outstanding. I now have a solid foundation with real-time statistics in which to use the business plan to continue our growth pattern. I strongly recommend giving Butler Consultants a call.”

Jamie Narramore President and CEO, Liberty Management Services

“Working with Butler Consultants was an incredibly rewarding process. They helped to develop my business plan for investors and the SBA. Everyone that saw the proposal loved it and couldn’t believe the detail that was involved. This led to the financial commitment that we were seeking of $2,100,000! Now we are just waiting to go to closing on our location and should have the new site of our fitness facility up and running within the next 12 months. Thank you Butler Consultants.”

Dominic Susino, President-CEO Fast Track Fitness Corp.
New York

“Your expertise and commitment to my project was bar none. The continued input provided on my business plan and the professional approach your organization and team gave was appreciated. My business plan looked professional and well thought out, it flowed well too. I would recommend your services to other business and current as well as future colleagues.”

Charles Stephenson – CEO Authentascripts, LLC

“We were very pleased with the effort Brian and his team made on behalf of Enerpulse, Inc. At Enerpulse, we’ve developed business plans in the past, but the nice clean model helped us take all of our data and improve the layout. The Industry charts were also helpful. For a company just starting off, it is a great way to develop the proper structure to communicate to potential investors.”

Bryan C Templeton – Chief Financial Officer/Product Manager – Enerpulse Incorporated

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“Brian and his crew were exceptional in every step of the phase! They produced an exceptional business plan in minimal time, and helped pave the road form my future business. They are easy to contact for any matters you may need assistance with, and reply in record time! They also provide exceptional one-on-one service, and go above-and-beyond to make sure you know exactly what you are getting, when you are getting it, and where you will be once the project is complete. I must admit that, going into the project, I had pretty high expectations, but the team at Butler Consultants blew those expectations away! For a superior finished product, knowledgeable and understanding crew, and all around great experience, look no further than Brian and his team; you will not be disappointed!”

regory Schmidt, Founder, Phayzer Family Entertainment

“The business plans that we had prepared by Brian and his team were very well done and delivered on time. We only needed one revision and it was completed accurately and promptly. Investors complemented on our plan as, ‘well thought out and complete.'”

Bruce Dixon, Support Website and Children Play Area

“Thank you for a wonderful business plan, our loan has been approved at 3 different banks. Just wanted to give you an update.”

Tracy and Maurice, Inexpensive Drycleaners LLC

“After scouring the internet for a company to assist us with our business plan, we contacted Butler Consultants. As a small business owner with limited resources, we tread carefully and performed due diligence before selecting a company to take on such a task. I must say, we were very pleased with our final product. Turnaround time was quick and effortless. Contacting Butler through email and phone was never a problem. And revisions were always completed in a day or so. I feel confident with the final plan and would recommend them to any company.”

David Deas, DK Stock
New York

“When I called Butler Consultants I was in a state of panic without a business plan. They were able to see my vision and put it on paper at the same time making me think of things that I was not planning on for expenses. The plan was thorough and comprehensive. I had a friend who is an accomplished financial planner look at it and he was very impressed. I have been in business for one month and have been following my business plan. This has kept me focused and on track. I would highly recommend Butler Consultants.”

Cheryl Nugent Salva, Salva Fitness LLC

“Dealing with Butler Consultants was a pleasant experience and they completely understood what we needed. The business plan and market research they delivered was better then what we had expected.'”

Naftali Klein,
New York

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“Excellent. Outstanding. Amazing. Three words that don’t even begin to describe the performance and professionalism of Brian Butler and associates. From start to finish Brian was personally in contact with me throughout the entire process. His candor and communication was as professional as the product they provided. I knew very little about what all was included in a Business Plan however he made the process as simple as possible as well as providing me the education I needed to better my idea and plans for the future success of my company. I recently needed changes made to my BP (due to miscalculations of my own) and Brian was not only polite about my needs but extremely prompt. No sooner than I had made the request I was contacted by Brian and assured that the appropriate changes would be made. 4 days later (including a weekend) my finished product was back in my inbox and properly adjusted according to my request. I am not only willing to refer Brian and staff to anyone looking to procure such services but implore anyone reading this that he be your first stop when searching for a professional Business Plan. I only wish that there were more business out there with the service, dedication and above all the CARE that was shown by Butler Consultants. I look forward to working with he and his staff in my future ventures.”

Sean Hancock, Website

“Butler Consultants were instrumental in the creation of a well thought out, professional business plan. Brian possesses a vast knowledge of business structure and knows what potential investors want to see in a plan. His guidance and knowledge comes from years of hands on experience. The professionalism and responsiveness of the team was very impressive and the personalized attention was a bonus. I plan on using his consulting services for many years to come.”

Jesse Allison , Founder New West Fresh Concepts (Qdoba)

“Butler Consultants was very prompt and responsive to my questions. I am very impressed with the speed at which my e-mails and calls were answered. The first draft was so accurate and professional that only minor changes were needed.”

Jeff Orwosky, CEO. Funeral Home

“The Butler Consultants group is THE company I personally would recommend to any individual or corporation with a deadline oriented Project. As soon as you submit a proposal to the Butler Consultants you receive a free estimate illustrated by a good sample and a deadline by which the job is going to be done.”

Mamadou Fall, Managing Director of Kernat Agri-Business

“Greetings all, let me just start by saying that before I worked with Butler Consultants all I had was an idea and a dream, and not much else, and was not sure where to even start. Found Butler Consultants in the Google search and after reading the other reviews requested a free quote for a business plan. Every time I called I was given great customer service and they ALWAYS followed up with what they said they would. So if you are like I was and not sure where to start, then I say look no further, you just found your starting point. The plan was great looking and the bank even made mention to the professional look of the plan. With out Butler Consultants I would still just have an idea and a dream. Now I just have my dream. Thanks Butler Consultants!”

Daniel Rust, Owner Red Fox Comics LLC. — Lansing

“Butler Consultants did an excellent job and the turn around was prompt. Their customer service is outstanding; making it a pleasure to do business with them. They promptly answered our questions even after we had the business plan in hand. Butler Consultants truly knows what they are doing.”

Wayne and Valerie Christie; Pampered and Polished Salon Spa

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“Brian did a great job on my business plan and provided excellent customer service after the fact. I’d highly recommend him!”

D. Latture – Entrepreneur

“Being from Canada I was hesitated to use a service from the Internet and them being from the US. I voiced my concerns to Brian through email, he suggested we talk on the phone. He answered all my questions and explained the process is no different from the business plan coming from the US or Canada. I was very pleased with the work he did for me and the time line was extraordinary. I will definitely be calling upon his services again.”

Justine Chomski – Fitness

“So far everyone has been really impressed with our business proposal. It’s been described as ‘very thorough’ and ‘very professional’ and a ‘pleasure to read’. So thanks so much!”

Jennifer Wilson, Yoga Studios
Brooklyn and New York City

“I needed a professional business plan created with a quick turn around to secure a client contract. Brian Butler and his team were outstanding. The process was simple and Brian and his team were always quick to answer questions via phone and e-mail and help any way they could. I was impressed from the beginning when I submitted my information on a Sunday morning and received a call from Brian that Sunday afternoon regarding my project. I knew immediately this was the place to create our business plan. Working with Brian and his team was effortless and the plan he created for my business has gotten my foot in the door with many investors!”

atherine R. Hardin, CEO, Cubeflix DVD Entertainment
New Mexico

“On my little journey to form a business plan I turned to a Software to help me form my Business plan. But as I found out it was not that simply. Realizing that I needed help I researched for some companies. I came across Brian Butler. Our 1st conversation it was apparent that he was easy to work with, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. As we started to work together the quick turn around exceeded my expectations. I was very surprised and fully satisfied with the business plan. I didn’t get just a document I got someone who cared about my business and saw to writing out my vision on paper. Thank You Butler Consultants.”

Trade4Kingdom LLC
New York

“I contracted with Mr. Butler for a business plan for my company recently. This was the best decision I have made to date for our company. I can not tell you how many investors have commented on the final product. I have received more responses from investors since Mr. Butler’s completed business plan than I have received in the last two years. It is well worth the investment in his services. I would recommend his company to any business looking for a professional to write their business plan.”

Dr. Arthur C. Weinstock, D.O.,F.C.C.M.; Resort & Waterpark

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“We were very impressed working with Butler Consultants. They exceeded our expectations, and answered any questions we had right away. We had our business plan back in one week, and it looks amazing! I would recommend Mr. Butler to anyone that needed a professional business plan.”

Zak Flynn & Raini Ellingson; The Landfill, LLC

“I found Butler Consultants very professional, and user friendly. A simple questionnaire, and a short time later I had a business plan that exceeded my expectations. After forwarding a copy of the business plan to a seller I had planned to purchase equipment from, I was offered owner financing in lieu of bank financing on $95,000 worth of equipment. The seller told me that he based his opinion of my future success on the quality, and fact based information provided in the business plan.”

Eric Stafford; Family Entertainment
Maui, HI

“I’ve got to say, being from the service industry I know what my clients want… SERVICE! I must say I was more than pleased with the level of service and attention I received during this process. The plan was impressive and very professional, I would recommend Butler Consultants to anyone and look forward to the next venture.”

Don Clayton, Bolt-Spec LLC

“Butler Consultants delivered every step of the way. I am very pleased with what was produced. I thought it would be a complicated difficult exercise to have our vision put on paper. Brian took my pieces and created a concise business model that has now made our vision even clearer.”

Mitchell Spearman; Golf Professional

“I wanted to tell you again how pleased I am with your work product. If everyone had the drive, ethic and product you have the world would run so much more smooth.”

Stewart Skloss, Chairman; Pura Vida Tequila Company

“Best Business Plan Ever! Thank you Butler Consultants for such great work, I’ve received more compliments on my business plan than I ever expected. I’ve gotten comments on how professional and right on target it has been. Surely using Butler Consultants was a good move for me and my business.”

Connie Taylor; Hair Ministry Salon

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“Brian Butler and his crew at Butler Consultants were extremely diligent and prompt in delivering the business plan as promised. From start to finish the whole process took less then 10 days and it was great. The projections are reasonable and when I did notice a mistake in the business plan because of the information I gave BC; Brian was very quick in responding and have the problem fixed immediately.”

Charla Scott, Blue Sun Exotics LLC
Houston, Texas

“I was extremely happy with the quality of the finished business plan and financials, particularly since it was a multi-layered plan and more complicated than most. Butler Consultants was very responsive to my needs, and the turnaround time was superb. I will be using Brian for more work in the future, and I think you will be pleased with his services too.”

Dr. Richard Banks, CEO
Ironshore Properties LLC — South Carolina

“Butler Consultants does an excellent business plan with a fast turn-around. Their customer service is fantastic and very knowledgeable. Also in comparison with their competition they have the best buy for what you will get. They come personally recommended by me and my business partners and acquaintances.”

Donald Gokey, CEO and Owner
DS&M Real Estate Inc. — New York

“Brian understood what I needed the first time without me having to tell him how to do his job. This is very refreshing and adds to the overall value of the professional results he delivered. Also the speed and turnaround time were superb. As the popular credit card commercial says: getting a professionally prepared business plan; $1,200. Having it done quickly and correctly the first time; priceless.”

Jerry Nickell, General Manager
Efficient-Tec International, LLC — Texas

“Butler Consultants has provided tremendous help and guidance for me in presenting detailed financial projections to various clients. Brian has always provided a quick turn around and excellent customer service. Professional, precise, efficient, informative, detail oriented, and experienced are words that I would use to describe Brian Butler and his team. I look forward to working with Butler Consultants again in the very near future and recommending Butler Consultants to friends and colleagues.”

Ryan Carlisle, Owner
Wanderlust Realty Nosara — Costa Rica

“I was extremely happy with the finished package and the turnaround time was unbelievable. It was a pleasure working with someone with your experience and professionalism. I would recommend your service to anyone who is looking for great business plan.”

Burnetta Askew
Crown Trophy — North Carolina

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“Butler Consultants is a very professional firm. They are extremely customer oriented and will do what it takes to get the job done right, on time and within budget. Butler Consultants made the process of writing a business seamless and easy. The final product was outstanding.”

Doggy Daycare — Colorado

“I would like to thank you for your company’s assistance with my business plan. I have nothing but good things to say about the company and its professionalism!”

William B. Dobbins EMT-P
Ambulance Service — Massachusetts

“Bottom line up front, Hire Butler Consultants! Their service is quick and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to call on them again for future services.”

Floyd Orial, CEO
LNO, Inc. — Delaware

“It has been a pleasure working with Butler Consultants to develop our comprehensive business plan. Our investors are extremely pleased and impressed with the results. The business plan has been our best tool to move the new venture forward successfully. Brian has been very easy and accommodating to work with — catering to all our needs in a very professional and timely manner.”

Matthew Brandimarte, President/CEO
RoBran Industries, Inc., a Connecticut clean energy company

“Brian and his crew did an outstanding job for us. We were quite surprised with how rapidly we received our very detailed plan. We would highly recommend their services to anyone!”

Dee Giarratano
Partner of Takeoff Live

“I am very pleased in our choice to use your service. Your work was thorough, professional, and exactly what we were hoping for. You were very prompt at answering our questions/concerns. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a great business plan.”

Jeremy Moore
Brewpub — Wisconsin

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“I did a lot of research before deciding to go with Butler Consultants for my business plan. What helped me make my decision was the diligence and follow up of the owner Brian Butler. Brian was hands-on all the way and very prompt in answering all of my questions (which there were many), day or night. What I received was a well written business plan with realistic and viable financial data. I was very impressed with Brian’s knowledge and the level of customer service I received. I am very happy with my business plan and will confidently refer anyone who needs a well written business plan to Brian Butler. Not only did I get a great plan, I got it at a great price.”

Sharon Chan, CEO
Oday Shakar — California

“I would like take this moment and thank Brian and Butler Consultants for being so prompt and thorough in developing our financials. Our company was highly impressed with their communication and patience in understanding our needs. Thanks for the help, as we will be sure to use you again in the future!”

Mad Dog Bats, LLC — Florida

“I was pleased with your expedite service. You advertise 7-10 days before first draft. I got my first draft in 5 business days. I made some corrections to the word doc and you asked for a few days to make changes. You got back to me the same day. It is service like this that is missing in today’s world. I have been in the service industry for 22 years and pride myself on excellent service. I appreciate your exceptional service and will recommend Butler Consultants to others.”

Rick Harrington
Harrington House Inn — Vermont

“Butler’s Consultants is a great marriage between you and your business dreams. They are very patient and professional and they make sure that you the client is pleased. I would highly recommend there services. Thanks so much.”

Terance Hunt
Founder. — California

“Excellent service and unrivaled professionalism. I would recommend this firm to anyone and certainly will use them in the future.”

Marvin Jones
Petro Chemical Cleaning Company — Texas

“I am quite pleased with my experience in dealing with Butler Consultants. Their work was not only highly professional, but swift and accurate as well. I look forward to dealing with them again if ever the need arises.”

Eric Ericksen
President. Rival Sports — New York

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“I had been working on my own business plan for almost 6 months. Realizing I needed help, I researched about half a dozen ‘business plan’ companies. For whatever reason, I decided to go with Butler Consultants, but was still hesitant in whether or not this was a good investment. Just a couple weeks later, I received first draft. My business partner and I were VERY impressed. We also forwarded our business plan to executives, investors and others whose opinion we respected, all were impressed. Based on my own experience, I recommend Butler Consultants to anyone needing a written business plan. I am happy to give personal recommendation.”

Joseph Anderson
Founder and CEO of — Arizona

“I was in need of an updated business plan after my company launched it’s newest product at the end of 2009. I received quotes from several companies and found “Financial Projections” to provide the fastest completion date as well as an excellent price. I must be honest and say that I was very skeptical regarding the quality of the plan that I would receive from any online firm, especially when offering such a fast turnaround. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the Brian and his team produced a great business plan with excellent financial spreadsheets! The first draft was a quality document and Brian made my desired “second draft” changes in only a few hours. The finished business plan proved to be invaluable in the next week during our negotiations. I would recommend Brian and his team to any business in need of a quality business plan.”

Dan Aragon
CEO, Industrial Insulation Systems, Inc — Idaho

“Butler Consultants did an absolute fabulous job on my company’s business plan and really took us to that next level. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me and my company. I would diffidently recommend them to anyone out there looking to have an amazing business plan done.”

Aaron Schaller
Finesse By Hand — Illinois

“I am certain Butler Consultants were the best choice for finishing my business plan. It was everything I hoped for, plus more.”

Brandon Taff
World Seeker Systems — Wisconsin

“Butler Consultants patiently worked with our team, refined our concepts and assessed the soundness of our ongoing strategies. The quality of their final presentation far exceeded our expectations. Do yourself a favor and hire these folks!”

Charles Zakarin
CEO/ American Automotive Equipment

“I just could not find the time to finish my business plan and pursue my dream. I had been working on it for at least two years. I knew from the first day that I needed help, but absolutely refused to pay someone thousands of dollars to write it. Even scarier to me was doing it over the Internet with someone I’ve never met. I overcame my fears, took the chance and was pleasantly surprised. They responded quickly, answered all concerns and were extremely fast. When I received it back, I was sorry I didn’t call them the first day I started writing my plan. Butler Consultants even contacted me when I didn’t respond for a revision to check and see if maybe they missed an email. Wow! Thank You Butler Consultants.”

Mark Bean
Ambiance Lounge — Connecticut

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“Brian Butler is a pro! He was very easy to work with and turned around a rather sophisticated financial model within a short period of time. And, his edits were done quickly and thoroughly. I would not hesitate to use Brian again in the future.”

Dick O’Hare
Internet Media Executive — Connecticut

“Butler Consultants not only produced high quality financials, they helped me integrate them into my business plan to produce a high quality professional looking product. They were always very responsive to my requests and also helped me understand the reasoning behind the numbers they produced. I would highly recommend them to any business owner or entrepreneur.”

Brad Wolfe
Cafe’ de Loup — Georgia

“I have gone thru the plan and as I said before, excellent job. You have really captured my vision and expressed it clearly. Thanks ever so much.”

Nicole Guest
The Bartender Directory — California

“Butler Consultants are easy to work with and provide insightful information in an efficient and punctual manner. They do good clean work and have helped capture our vision.”

Neil Chhabria
Sputter Technologies Inc — Arizona

“Taking the time to prepare a well written business plan was preventing me from working on the project itself. Butler Consulting did a great job for me with little turnaround time. Thanks”

Mark Fuller
Auto Spa — Colorado

“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done, the extraordinary talent, experience, intelligence, patience and dedication.”

Selvyn Seidel
Burford Advisors — New York

Contact a consultant at 1-800-984-7639

“I am very impressed with your reports as they are professionally done and are acceptable for any financial review. I was also very impressed with the speed that the reports were prepared and your willingness to make any adjustments necessary to make the report completely correct. Thanks for the great job!”

Dan Lundstrom
Realty Services — Florida

“I am overwhelmed with the extraordinary experience, knowledge and attention to detail shown in my business plan. All I can say is thank you.”

Donald O. Akyaw
Liquidichi Vodka — Maryland

“Thank you for your help. I am pleased with the work your company did.”

Jose Medina Jr
Fitform personal training — Massachusetts

“I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism of my financial projections. Thank you Butler Consultants. I would refer and do business with you in the future.”

Jermaine Elfe
Founder Sinew Enterprises LLC — New York

“Thanks for your excellent client service”

Frank Schwitter
Law Firm — New York

“Brian Butler and his consultant team did an outstanding job of helping our company develop a complete, professional business plan for use with our investor presentations. They were attentive and expedient with our needs and always available to answer all relevant queries. I would definitely recommend Butler Consultants to all new business ventures seeking funding. “

John Spielberger
CEO, You Rock Media Group — NYC, NY

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“I happened to come across Brian’s organization online and called him and about 5 other companies. After I was able to spend a little time over the phone with Brian I knew that I was not going to get the same old template that all the other firms were offering. Butler Consultant’s work exceeded all expectations. I remember several times that he would call and be willing to work on weekends to get the job done. Brian has always hit all deadline commitments and is very knowledgeable. I am all to familiar with the typical service you get from online companies that do not know their business and it was a breath of fresh air to have worked with Butler Consultants. I plan on referring him much more business and appreciate all his company has been able to do for us. Our company is more prepared because of the work that their firm has been able to provide for us.”

Greg Herlean
Partner. Herlean Financial Services — South Dakota

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to Thank You and your team for a very professional job in working with me to complete my client’s Business Plan. I will certainly keep Butler Consulting in mind for my future Business Plan needs.”

Bud Blevins
CPA — Tennessee

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