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Butler Consultants is a leader in financial budgeting. Our detailed financial models created by founder, Brian Butler, give us a huge advantage over the competition. Each model is custom-built by an expert to exceed the expectations of banks, the SBA and investors. While the financial models are complex, we make the process easy and painless for you. A quick phone call starts the process and allows us to give you an accurate quote for a custom financial model designed for custom financial projections.

The next steps include:
Payment of the 50% retainer fee
Filling out our step-by-step questionnaire
Payment of final 50%
An editable Excel spreadsheet and Word doc emailed to you
Revisions for changes needed within a 30 day period

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Level 3 – Investor & Bank Ready Financial Statements

Our highest-level financial models, Level 3, offer 5 years of projections to outline your business plan to investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and banks. The Level 3 financial statements are very detailed to exceed an investor’s highest expectations. In addition to business plans seeking investment funds, the Level 3 financials can be used for internal planning documents, visa applications, and much more.

Our Level 3 financial statements will include:

5 years of Financial Projections
Pre-operating source and use of funds
Revenue Forecast
Personnel Forecast
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Best and worst case
Investor Return

  • Investments in to the Company
  • Investment Value after 5 years
  • Share of the Company for the Investor
  • Companies Value in the 5th year
  • Company Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Financial Overview

  • 5-year breakdown for Investors

Break-Even Analysis

  • Operating Break-Even
  • Investment Cash Flow Break-Even

Level 2 – Bank-Ready Financial Statements

Aimed at funding from banks and approval from the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Level 2 financial statements are perfect for businesses seeking funding from $10k to $500k, as well as for presenting to landlords or for internal documents or even personal finances.

Our Level 2 financial statements will include:

3 years of Financial Projections
Pre-operating source and use of funds
Revenue Forecast
Personnel Forecast
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Best and worst case
Break-Even Analysis

  • Operating Break-Even

Loan Amortization Schedule for up to 3 different loans

  • Broken down into 36 months
  • Loan Interest Rate
  • Loan Term
  • Monthly Balance
  • Monthly Interest Paid
  • Monthly Principle Paid

Level 1 – Downloadable Financial Statements

Easy-to-use, self-guided financial statements. This tool includes a simple input screen that allows the user to update the entire model with one easy click. Follow the link below to see an example of this tool. A Level 2 or higher financial statement is required for organizations seeking funding from a bank, the SBA, Investors, VCs, or other organizations. Please contact us for assistance with selecting the correct level for your venture.

The Income Statement includes 5 revenue lines, 15 expenses lines, and 3 full years of projections with a monthly breakdown of the first year. The Statement of Cash Flow includes operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities for 3 years with the first year broken out on a monthly basis. The Balance Sheet includes assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity for 3 years with a monthly breakout of the first year. A Loan Amortization Table is included in the model.

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