How Much Home Can I Afford – Free Tool

This tool allows you to find out what amount could be borrowed for a home.

The how much home tool can be purchased and downloaded in Microsoft Excel for only $6. Please follow the link below to purchase this tool. Following your payment, you will be emailed the tool in Excel.

Down Payment on House: Input the amount you have down for a home
Annual Household Income: The amount your household makes before taxes in 1 year
Interest Rate: The amount your bank or credit union will charge for the loan
Term (years): The length, in years, for your loan

Monthly Payment (25% of Income): This assumes that you will spend 25% of your income for your mortgage
Home Value: The value of home you can afford
Loan Amount: The amount of loan you should seek

  How Much Home
  Down Payment on House
  Annual Household Income
  Interest Rate
  Term (years)
  Monthly Payment (25% of Income)
  Home Value
  Loan Amount