Free Return On Tool

The return on tool below provides the user with three different ratios. This first ratio is return on assets (ROA), used to tell how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. The second ratio is return on sales (ROS) and is used to evaluate a company’s operation efficiency. The final ratio is return on equity (ROE). REO is used to tell how much profit is generated from the amount of money invested by the shareholders.

Fill in the information below to calculate your ROA, ROS, and ROE.

The return on tool can be purchased and downloaded in Microsoft Excel for only $6. Please follow the link below to purchase this tool. Following your payment, you will be emailed the tool in Excel.

  Return On   Return on Asset Return on Sales Return on Equity
  Net Profit   Google 14.5% Google Google 21.2%
  Total Assets   Amazon 9.8% Amazon Amazon 42.3%
  Sales   Microsoft 22.0% Microsoft Microsoft 52.5%
  Return On Assets:  
  Return On Sales:  
  Return On Equity: