Free Debt Repayment Calculator Tool

The debt repayment calculator below details how many months it will take to be debt free, total amount that will be paid (includes total debt and interest) and total interest paid for debt. As the Anticipated Monthly Payment increase, Total interest paid for debt will decrease. This tool provides users with a visual representation of how much money is saved and how much sooner you will be debt free by increasing the Anticipated Monthly Payment.

Simply input your Total Debt, Interest Rate and Anticipated Monthly Payment then click “Calculate”.

The debt repayment calculator tool can be purchased and downloaded in Microsoft Excel for only $6. Please follow the link below to purchase this tool. Following your payment, you will be emailed the tool in Excel.

Total Debt:
Interest Rate (Annual Percentage):
Anticipated Monthly Payment:
Months it will take to be debt free:
Total amount paid towards debt:
Total interest paid for debt:
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