Free Balance Sheet Ratios Tool

The balance sheet ratios tool includes a quick ratio and a current ratio. These ratios are very useful in determining the financial strength of an organization. Both ratios are an indicator of an organization’s short-term liquidity and measures the company’s ability to pay short-term debt. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft’s quick and current ratios are included below.

Simply input your data into the provided boxes to calculate your ratios.

The balance sheet ratios tool can be purchased and downloaded in Microsoft Excel for only $6. Please follow the link below to purchase this tool. Following your payment, you will be emailed the tool in Excel.

  Quick Ratio   Current Ratio
  Cash   Current Assets
  Receivables   Current Liabilities
  Other Current Assets   Current Ratio:
  Current Liabilities  
  Quick Ratio:  
  Google's Quick Ratio 6.96   Google's Current Ratio 6.96
  Amazon's Quick Ratio 1.07   Amazon's Current Ratio 1.32
  Microsoft's Quick Ratio 1.41   Microsoft's Current Ratio 1.45

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